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A Tailored Tale
A film score for the LA Comedy/Horror 48hour film competition

Cloudy Dreams
a Lo-fi single
Reminiscent Audio Display

The Climb
A film score for the LA 48hour film competition

Angels Falling Freely

toy instruments, found sounds, synths
by Reminiscent Audio Display

live from the Leach Botanical Garden
Crossing Paths Concert
Cascadia Composers

piano solo
movement two of the first piano sonata

In Good Hands Concert
Cascadia Composers

Theme and Variation on Movement
violin, piano, dancer
The Reemergence Concert
Cascadia Composers


A Journey Through Existence

soprano, piano

Fresh Squeezed Opera


single by Tabitha Acidz

Quartet of Queer Revolt
string quartet

Elliot Kempton

The Saddest Mixtape
ep by Lil Fag Tears


The Elegy: piano sonata one

piano solo

Edward Cohen

winner of the 
Tricks for Treats Composition Competition


"SOUNDBATH: the visual album"

premiered at

New Music Gathering 2020

"Waltz of Towering Rage"

cello duet

Raúl Andueza

"A Trance"

flute solo

Alexis Evers


"A Soliloquy in Nature"

flute quartet

Davide Bonomo

"8100 Polls"

spoken word 

music by Banadu

"Little Toys"

percussion duet

Great Plains Percussion Group

Oklahoma Modern Music Collective



"God does see us"
tenor, piano
Dr. William Christensen
Wesley United Methodist Church


"Lifting the Multiverse"
a brief opera scene


Plays and Players Theater
serial opera project

libretto by JLWilliams

"The Joy of Youth"
a short piano etude
from Piano effigies


"A Storm on the Coast"

saxophone, cello, piano

L’abri Trio’s New Music Series Op.17

The L’abri Trio


an album on ambient electronic music


"Trumpet Suite: Exposed"

trumpet solo
Astoria Music Festival Presents:

     Made in Oregon II

Cascadia Composers.

"Genius" - score


"Overnight Trainride"
"Distant Church Piano"

piano solos
In Good Hands,
Cascadia Composers.

"Hopeful Farewell
a composition for

combined band/orchestra

Harding Charter Preparatory High School

"Small Chapel Organ"
a composition for piano and pipe organ

All Wired Up,
Cascadia Composers.


"Fear Sides"
an electronic music album

"Distant Church Piano"
"Swimming in the Sky"
three piano pieces - score

Piano Day: Portland City Hall

Portland Piano International


"Piano Memories"

ambient piano EP

"deconstructed Lament" - score

piano solo for left hand and glockenspiel.
Astoria Music Festival Presents:

     Made in Oregon

Cascadia Composers.

"Where Are We?"

electronic music EP

"Wasted" - score

trumpet, bass, electric guitar.
48hour Composition Competition Portland,

Sound of Late.

"Lullaby" viola duet.
48hour Composition Competition Seattle,

Sound of Late.


"My Own Private Idol"

a short film



"Fugue: A theme for night.

piano solo.
In Good Hands,
Cascadia Composers.


"Genius" - score

"She Speaks with Languish."

piano solos
In Good Hands,
Cascadia Composers.

"Little Toys" - score
percussion duet.

Cascadia Hits on the World,
Cascadia Composers.



Spiraling Into Sanity
a poetic tryptic
published by Unstamatic Magazine
the unconditional acceptance

There's No Place Like Homophobia
a micro essay
Deep Overstock Issue 18: Old Favorites

Everybody's smiling, Nobody's Happy album review by Elephants and Dogs
published by Look Up Records

Save The Bees
Deep Overstock Issue 17:  Beekeeping

The Power of The Word Faggot
Radical Fairy Digest

The Art of Learning to Fly

A collection of poetry compiled, illustrated, and published by Timothy Arliss OBrien.

I'm a Superstar, and Super High, but Superhero?
Deep Overstock Issue 16: Superheroes



A Shakespearean Cure

Deep Overstock Issue 15: Shakespeare

Orbiting Bodies
Horror Sleaze Trash

A Lesson in Technical Magic

Deep Overstock Issue 14: Magic

I Fucked God and I'd Do it Again

Horror Sleaze Trash

Time Trilogy

Deep Overstock Issue 13: Future

Happy LGBTQ Wrath Month
a collection of poetry

The One Solitary Soul Inside

Quartz Zine

Kink Demons

Horror Sleaze Trash

Murder at Murphy Manor

Deep Overstock Issue 12: Mysteries



Where Life Began - Nature

Deep Overstock Issue 10: Origin of Life

Empty Cupboards

Deep Overstock Issue 9: New Arrivals

The Graffiti Oracle Expansion

a collection of original urban photographs curated into an oracle deck expansion

Metamorphosis of the Sun

Preslar Art Initiatives

The Architecture of the Apple Tree

Deep Overstock Issue 8: Structures


Dear God, I'm a Faggot  

a collection of poetry


Undoing a Curse

Deep Overstock Issue 7: Horror

Memories from Oklahoma
Two Cowboys Holding Hands

Deep Overstock Issue 6: Westerns

The Poet Heroic

a poetry podcast

Urban Lenormand

a collection of original urban photographs curated into a full lenormand deck.

I have a dream

Deep Overstock Issue 5: Dreams

The Graffiti Oracle

a collection of 40 original urban photographs curated into an oracle deck

Contributing writer// Our Bible App

"Sowing and Reaping Righteous Love"

"God of the New Beginnings"

Ink Sketch Oracle

a collection of my sketches compiled to create an oracle deck.

"Piano Effigies"
A collection of over 20 piano scores spanning my composition career.

Ink Sketch Lenormand

a collection of my sketches compiled to create a full lenormand deck. 

The Gazing Ball Tarot

a collection of my photography curated into a full tarot deck

Aqua: poems from the Sea

Deep Overstock Issue 4: Nautical Lore


Contributing writer// Our Bible App

"Grace That Conquers Bitterness"

"Keeping Hope"

"Cultivating Inner Strength"

Contributing writer// Look Up Records



"Anna and the Wobbly Star"

"A battery. A dragon. A reason to move across the country."

"Recipe for Loneliness."

Volume 25, Issue 1: The Velvet Night 

The Promethean.


They // 

A collection on poetry, unfolding a novella in verse.



Diploma in Professional Pastry Arts
     from Auguste Escoffier

             School of Culinary Arts

May, 2021

Music Production
     from Berklee College of Music

April 9, 2020

Creative Writing

     from Wesleyan University

March 5, 2019

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